Petscop 10

That door closing on Paul was really weird. And then the game crashing...

Paul gets to see the other end of the Quitter's Room. Belle is now on the opposite end, so that's cool.

There's not much to talk about for today's episode. It just ends off with Paul parroting the child library's questions to Tool, trying to get an answer. I planned to do the house key for this episode, but last night I considered doing the calendar instead. I think the key is fine, it's nice and shiny. Either way was pretty simple, which I'm glad since I worked on school a little late today. Combined with The Game Awards I nearly forgot to make this, I'm writing this at 9:48 PM and probably began the model 20 minutes ago.

Tool knows where the windmill is and seems to give actual real life coordinates or something. We don't get to see, it's censored. Despite that it isn't actually one of the caskets. Paul asks the same thing to Tool again to see the answer near the end of the series while talking about actually going to find it in real life to his friend on the phone.

As I said yesterday, tomorrow's model is pretty simple. Once the Winter break starts the day after I can really start doing some complicated stuff. Today marks 2 whole rows done! We're 2/5ths the way there.