Petscop 11

That was an experience.

Marvin isn't a very good teacher, but apparently Paul just knows how to play that thing anyway. Just like he knew how to use P2 to talk.

A 30 minute episode, Jeez. Made rather last minute again. We get to see some more Care, and more jokes about doors. There's a lot of great Paul lines in this.

Definitely my favorite part of this episode is Rainer's speech in Care A's description. That ending line as well has some really terrifying implications and I KNOW I said I would get to them but I'm going to have to save that for later. I have only 3 more minutes to write all of this.

We finally found the house too. Paul's way of finding it was... weird, but it clearly worked. Better get comfy, because we'll be seeing a LOT of that house from now on.

Cutting it short here. It's finally the weekend! Tomorrow won't be tiny like these past few.