Petscop 13

It's a growing organism.

Things are going well for Paul. He got the pieces from the house and figured out how to get Roneth. That description is unsettling but I don't think it's super deep. Roneth saw Toneth get hit by a car and isn't going to make the same mistake, probably correlates to some other real life characters, etc. The message for when you catch everything in Even Care is the interesting part. The game is constantly recording controller inputs. The message is intended for playtesters at Garalina, telling them to stand up and leave the playstation on.

And then we get to the ever confusing car door noise. There's no way that could be anything but a car door, right? The captions say it's a car door and I can't tell if that's Tony messing around or actually genuine. You hear it open and close, and everything. Where is paul? There's a joke about the car later in the series, "why would I be in a car? I'm playing Petscop". Did he take his microphone with him on the way out, or something? It's weird.

This paragraph has mentions of suicide, skip ahead if you don't want that.
Paul points out that the bucket room and the house are correlated, they have the same symbol and layout. I only just realized today, the section of grass and dirt to the right that goes down out of view of the camera is at the same spot as the bathroom in the house. The song bathroom-tomb isn't heard in the series outside of the OST episode, but in the OST it uses that part of the level in the video. There's also a loading screen that has a darkened version of the dirt. In Care's room, Rainer's note talks to Marvin about Marvin being in the bathtub thinking about her. Given Rainer's "Check your bathroom now" and that note in Care's room I think it's pretty safe to say he planned on being found dead in Marvin's bathroom. Rainer wanted to go out and ruin something of Marvin's with him.

I made this one pretty fast. I think I've spent more time writing this than making it. The tool is just the model from earlier with different materials (and extra beveling to look nice). The bucket is the actual bucket used in Petscop, it's up on his github as a .ply, along with the gear model used in the windmill. As far as I know those two are the only ones that are out there. I'm going to work on either finding a good room impulse dial image or making my own for a model of the pyramid head, since I finished this one so fast.