Petscop 15


The game REALLY wants Paul to see that thing.

Paul wanders the school building some more. Marvin, Paul, and Tiara (Belle? She assures you she's Tiara, but Rainer says otherwise) all talk in the same room. Marvin leaves though, but still. We also get to see the Nifty editor. Seeing all those textures was really useful for people looking for the original sources, people hunted them down on and were able to find a good amount.

I like the song that plays when Paul is dragged back to the GIRL portrait. It's one of the shorter ones in the OST but something about it feels really weird. The main song that plays in the school is really good too, it feels so desolate.
My nice, small, wireless mouse broke today. I had my laptop upstairs and dropped the mouse when moving it. It's almost completely fine, except the mouse wheel doesn't consistently click down anymore. This made Blender near unusable, and while I was still able to do other things my muscle memory was too used to using the mouse wheel for opening and closing tabs. So I got my wired mouse out and started using that.

I tried to make this one fairly accurate. The pose from most angles looks like she's dizzy from spinning, which is funny since not only do the gifs make these spin but there's also a later episode that talks about Care spinning in circles. Despite that loose connection, the figure doesn't look much like her.

As I was in the car after finishing the model I realized I should have used curves to make the limbs instead of cylinders. I did it pretty messily. I'm not going to redo it, it's fine otherwise and I don't really think it's worth the trouble. I've learned though, I want to use curves more in the future.

Tomorrow's episode is a really cool one, and I'll finally be able to talk about a theory of mine I've had all month. Making the model will be easy, I bet I'll spend most of my time typing for the webpage. The third row is complete! See you tomorrow.