Petscop 16

Ow, my ears.

The game begins loudly buzzing, and Paul climbs out of bed. Why does the game know what his room looks like? Why does the game know not only where each bit of furniture is, but also where HE is within his room? You might not realize at first but when you do it seems simple: That's not Paul's room. It might be the room he inhabits and the only one we really see him in, but it's not in his home.

It's called the "ghost room / testing room", it's a room that Garalina used for playtesting the game. In a previous episode, Paul taps on a window and mutters "trapped". He's in the room against his own will, being carefully watched by the family. In Petscop 23, Marvin shows Paul several versions of the room and asks which one he's in. If this is just a room in Paul's house, why would this give away Paul's location to Marvin? Why would Paul's room have a hidden door that he needs to block with his bed? It's not his room. It's one of MANY Garalina test rooms. Why else would Paul own that piano, with the controller on it? That's the real life Needles Piano, we see pictures of it in some loading screens. There's several, of course.

Why they're called "ghost rooms" I can't entirely explain. Maybe it has to do with how recorded inputs have the power to raise the dead as said in the channel description. Still, Paul doesn't seem to be allowed to play the game outside of this room. Paul talks about going out to search for the windmill in a later episode which has me thinking he could be free to go out and talk to people otherwise. He must at least have his phone, given that he's talking to Belle.

How long has Paul been here anyway? The family took over pretty early back in 2017. Paul has a discussion with Jill on his birthday that year asking where the game disc went. This could have been the family taking the disc and forcing him to stay in the ghost room to play it. The family knew what caskets had to be censored, they could have been sitting on the recordings for a long time until uploading them.

One loading screen tells us that "the ghost room is a ship in a bottle". Why? Maybe it's that you can't take the ship out of the bottle.

This model is almost entirely recycled. I made incredibly minor edits to the materials, but the models are from a render I did over the summer of the ghost rooms (I edited the TV's screen to look nicer and gave everything smooth shading though) and the base is from my Petsadvent bonus model of the Pyramid Head. I'll make a page for it on the 26th, a few lines below the main table.