Petscop 17

They didn't see her.

I really like the Room Impulse scene, the music in it is probably my favorite song in the soundtrack and the scene itself is really good. We see tons of recordings of Paul wandering the house making irrational movements, walking into walls and everything. Seeing them all at once wandering this small space really adds to the feeling that Paul is obsessing over the game.

We get confirmation that Care's name is short for Carrie, and also a bit of her family tree. Nothing very helpful in understanding where Paul is in it all. The mentioned Uncle Thomas who is never actually seen is probably Mike's father, a Hammond. Maybe the cousin Daniel, Rainer, is also a Hammond. Jill could be his wife or something. Rainer's messages for Care are weird, he talks about curses and her disappearance on November 11. Then he shows her Lina's grave, for some reason. He alludes to digging it up, and knowing what really happened to her. The grave slowly rising with those wide eyes is terrifying. What really happened to Lina? The claim that she vanished with an entire Windmill is so absurd, Rainer either believes it to be true or thinks there's something else.

This model was pretty easy to do, just another grave. Tomorrow's will be even easier, I'm excited for the one I'll do on the 20th though.