Petscop 19

Crazy Easter.

More early Petscop development stuff! We see tons of names of kids in these recording lists, including Belle, Care, and Mike. We see some of their recordings, but the main one is Mike's second recording taken during some kind of Garalina office Easter egg hunt. We get confirmation of Rainer's identity, his real name is Daniel. That means he's Care's cousin Daniel from earlier. Also the guardian is from one of the previous iterations in guardian_history, and it only has one sprite.

The channel description at this point said "In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead. They're kind of scary". This is something Tony elaborated on back on his twitter, how you can play back decade old player inputs in the current day, even in a different environment, and that recording has no idea that it's the current year. It just keeps on moving. The channel also added another line during the Easter uploads, "We have finished our long Easter egg hunt". What were they hunting for? Maybe the family didn't know how to access the developer menu to look for more recordings.

I procrastinated on making this one and nearly didn't get it done. I had a busy day, kept putting it off, got sidetracked playing some TF2 MVM (went well), and got to it just after that. Tomorrow's will be a lot more fun for me to make, so hopefully I won't inexplicably dread doing it.

I also began my second playthrough of Nifty today, I began the second run of the game needed to fully beat it but decided to take a break at the rythm segment. It's a pretty cool game.