Petscop 20

You showed Care her red, blurry reflection in a vase.

She's actually in the reflection, do you see her?

We finally get to see all of the censored things, but in minimal form. Tony actually posted the full original Care head on his twitter, something about it is just awesome to me. That kind of imagery is just really cool. The little icon of Care's head wouldn't warrant Paul's reaction, but if I saw THAT come out of a present I would probably freak out just as much. It also makes sense why Paul is so disturbed by the vase, but is able to dismiss it as something that the game might put in any room. To anyone who doesn't know, it's a knocked over vase. To Paul, it's a bunch of repressed memories.

This whole episode also has Marvin entering the code and walking around the Newmaker Plane. Rainer is making him look for a grave, apparently he doesn't know where it is despite being the creator of the game. Also, the left and right directions on his controls are swapped and the game won't let him fix it.

If you thought Rainer is a good person, this episode would probably make you reconsider. Enough people must have forgotten about his threat to shoot Care in the head that the series reminds us that he isn't particularly nice either, as Rainer monologues about feeling disgusted watching Care innocently spinning.

Care went missing several times. In July 1997 everyone was looking for her, but she also disappeared for only a day on November 11. On the 10th she was kidnapped by her father and taken to the school, but she ran away later that night. She returned home on the 12th, her birthday. Nobody had seen her on the 11th. What happened in July?

Anna is mentioned to have pinned a list to the wall in the 3rd casket's description. It was a list of objects, so it isn't the note asking someone to stay at her place overnight. What was it? Maybe it was something innocent, and the note is cryptic to make us overthink.

Looks like we're getting near the end here. The fourth row is complete, there's one to go. That means there are 5 more models. Christmas is sooner than I realized, I need to wrap these presents already. The last of them for my siblings came in the mail today. Not tonight, though. Too late.