Petscop 21

Care has good taste in music.

Just doing a sign was too simple for me, so I did the Discman thing again. I was considering modeling a simple version of Care for this too, to wear the headphones and hold the Discman, but I decided to leave that as something for later. I don't have a plan on how to go about making her.

The video came out and I remember people briefly being confused, only to realize the movements all lined up with the song. It's just Care dancing! It's nice to see her, y'know, not getting constantly traumatized. The hallway is set up in a way that has me thinking the layout is deliberate for this video. If that's the case, it's funny to think of how in the past few years we had seen this hallway several times with no idea its existence was for this video. It almost feels like a gag.

We're getting even closer to Christmas. I didn't wrap my presents for people tonight, I was too busy looking at Jupiter and Saturn since they're so close. I need to wrap stuff already... My procrastination on doing things that aren't Petscop related aside, this is all about to end. There will be a bonus model after day 25 and then one final render of it all.

This episode was oddly happy, maybe that was to lower our guard for the next two.