Petscop 22

Release the rulebook, Tony!

This episode is really cool. There's the implication that Paul is being spied on, the family have microphones in whatever room he's in. The audio quality of his voice is different this time. He tells Belle that he isn't recording, yet we're hearing his end of the conversation. He's talking about going to where the windmill was. He says he won't let the family know yet. We get a little more insight into Belle. She's a puzzle genius, which lines up with "Petscop kid very smart". Paul says that she isn't family, so she wouldn't have a room in the child library, but then sounds embarrassed and just says he meant that she wouldn't have a room. That probably means she's an adopted sibling. So wherever Paul is he has the freedom to be talking to Belle and to go out and find this windmill, but is also under constant surveillance.

Paul dismisses the idea that he was in a car, it's pretty funny. Maybe the captions were just like that to mislead us. Why would he be in a car? He's playing Petscop.

In the school, Paul finally discovers that the GIRL picture has no collision. The game was trying to drag him into the counselor's office the entire time. He's there standing in for Care, so what did the counselor mean telling Care that "Everything you say will become the truth"? Graverobber is a really cool game, it all relates to Petscop in a way. In Petscop you have recorded player inputs playing back no matter what about the environment changes, causing things to walk into walls. In Graverobber you have to keep track of your opponent's movements, but that doesn't mean they will be on the same location on their end and on yours. You don't know where their windmill and graves are, and they don't know about yours. They see themselves walk into a wall, but you don't. The counselor's words to Care, as well as Rainer's in episode 17, tie into this as well. Everything you believe will become real.

Tomorrow's episode is one of my favorites.