Petscop 23

? You should start thinking about that.

This is my favorite episode in the series. It's just so heavy, I love it.

So how come Garalina's offices are in the school? Maybe they aren't in reality and it's only like that in game. Still, we see the place. The doors to the testing rooms are there, 1-8. The next room Paul enters has Marvin ask him which real life equivalent room he's in. Paul isn't in his house, I was right. If Paul is in the ghost room, which is in the Garalina offices, he could be in the school. That's another parallel to Care, but it only counts if Garalina was actually based in the school.

Paul tells Marvin where he is, and Marvin says he's coming. Is Marvin a real person on the other end? A ghost? Just a past recording that can somehow interact with the future? An AI? I guess he would have to be that first one. There's a hidden message where Belle draws over the room and writes "PUSH BED AGAINST HIDDEN DOOR", so Marvin really is coming. But what comes next? After Paul returns, he keeps playing like nothing happened. Even weirder, Marvin is there too. Paul plays the wrong music on the Needles, and Care B turns into an egg. The egg is broken too, it has no name and the description is bugged. Everything we've seen in Petscop has been put there intentionally, this is the first real bug it has. I'm not counting the shadow man effect because that was used to find the windmill, so technically it's a mechanic.

What did Marvin want to happen? Would Care have been turned into another player character? Maybe she would have become Paul, or Lina. Paul seemed to have botched the process, but after exiting the school and approaching the bench the sky turned blue. It's like a win state.

The note in the locker is adressed to a Tiara Leskowitz on her first day of school. Who is it from? Jill? Or Lina? Lina is the only person directly called a Leskowitz, but isn't she dead? She had to have died or at least gone missing, because that's Marvin's entire motive. He thought she was reincarnated as Care, so he tried to rebirth her. Speaking of Care, Care B's description is one of my favorites next to Care A's. Rainer goes straight to the point. Rainer rescued Care from the school, but wasn't even given a picture of her when she presumably died. Was he blamed for it? Why does Rainer say "they're all scattered in graves", why would a picture of one person be put into the grave of another?

I love the machine, and that entire room. The painfully red light over everything really makes it feel serious. It's this amazing final scene, the climax of the entire series. It all ends with Paul putting the egg into Tiara's locker and walking away.

Making this was fun, I already modeled the entire room previously. I made new materials and edited the models a bit. The base floor material uses a normal map again, similar to day 9. Christmas is really close, tomorrow's Christmas Eve. I wrapped my presents this morning. There's 2 more of these to go... neither are that hard. I've got some ideas of what to do after all this, but I'll probably just take a break or something. We'll see.