Petscop 24

And that's mostly it.

That was a clever way to end it, with in universe credits. And with all of those names, of course Tony put himself in there.

I didn't want to believe this was (for the most part, not counting the OST release since the end scene is more like an after credits scene or something) the end. I kept wondering when an episode 25 would happen, trying to guess it. November 11 came and went. Nothing. When people found Nifty and then Tony, that was when I realized it really was over.

Naturally we all began going through all of Tony's old work. Nifty is a pretty cool game, though some parts are intentionally filled with loud noises and flashing lights to deter you from playing. The only thing with real connections to Petscop aside from icons and stuff like that was Tapers. Tapers was great. It's about Marvin, Care, and Care's father who is a separate character in this. It's perfectly weird. Still, Petscop is better.

Anna's message to Mike pretty much confirms for me that Daniel is Mike's brother. Michael got popular among the playtesters because he was the developer's little brother. This is his 7th, and if the grave in game reflects reality, his last birthday. The black box he wasn't told to shake probably had a dog, I can't think of anything else connected to the story that he wouldn't be allowed to shake.

Why can't everyone see Jill? She's been made out to be this mysterious figure with this episode and Paul's comments about her.

The bit where Anna talks about the catharsis from opening presents and solving mysteries they have is definitely a nod to the series itself.

In a normal Advent calendar we would stop here, but I'm more of a perfect square guy myself. There is one more thing. And then an extra model, and a final render. But there's only one more video. Got this one done early today.