Petscop Soundtrack

And that's it.

This thing's soundtrack has been amazing. Have I mentioned that in any of these? Bangers only in Petscop. Even the creepy stuff is executed amazingly.

The end scene... what a way to end it all. Just like any Petscop episode it fills my mind with questions. Was Lina really alive? Is Paul in the game now?

"We can investigate this together" is what Paul said to Belle in the beginning. It all comes full circle. Paul has been losing his mind over Petscop. The family have been invading his privacy, possibly kidnapping him and forcing him to stay in the testing room, and in the end we have Belle offering what Paul has needed this entire time. Someone else to help.

I like how Tarnacop's precense in Petscop was like an inside joke. Tarnacop was a name Tony used a few times before. On his twitter he posted a sprite of a Tarnacop robot character from years ago. Recently Hinchy released an incomplete game she and Tony made that also referenced Tarnacop. In universe they're probably just a hardware company who makes home computers. The Petscop soundtrack was stored on one, and it was all taken and put on the family youtube.

Oh hey, it's Christmas! I got a lot of money and a few steam games. A lot of other things happened. Updates for other games, announcements, videos, the things you'd expect out of the internet on Christmas. It's been great. This whole thing has gone pretty well, I'm proud of the site and the models. I've learned more about blender and I've got a few more ideas for what to do in the future. For now I'm taking a break.

I love Petscop.