Petscop 1

Isn't that little guy cute? I'm still not entirely sure what to call him. "Guardian" is canon, but do I like it? Meh. It's not fitting for it. Whatever he's called, don't get too used to the cuteness.

It's the first day so I'm still working on my process for these, but I liked how this turned out. The website is also pretty nice. Let's talk about Petscop now.

Petscop is probably my favorite work of unfiction or even webseries in general. It's executed amazingly. The first episode sets up the premise well, though there's not much to talk about. Paul introduces everyone (or rather the friend the videos were meant for) to the weird game he found, and after a few minutes he finishes talking about the Even Care gameplay he shows us the Newmaker Plane. It's a good hook, and it was enough to catch the internet's (mostly r/creepygaming's at the time) attention. We had no idea what was coming.

I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I'll be a little faster! I've got every day planned now, tomorrow's will be a fun and simple one for me.