Petscop 2

That's a dead kid.

Alright cool, I said it. Oh, uhhh "where is petscop 2!!!11!!!oneone". That should clear the rest of the month.

Episode 2 is pretty good. Paul explores a bunch of stuff for the first time, still just talking to his friend. Even though he's not really talking to us specifically, him talking is something that made everything a lot less terrifying to watch. If he weren't talking it would probably be more boring as well. Paul is almost as in the dark as you are, which is why when he seems to know something you don't it feels even more serious. Paul's company lightened the mood enough that when he vanished in the later episodes, you got worried.

This episode has a few other prominent things, like the first appearances of Tool, Belle (or Tiara, whatever you want to call her), and the windmill. I didn't go with any of those, I went with the grave. Why? The other three are for later. Episode 2 isn't Belle's episode, it isn't Tool's, and Paul just gives up on watching the windmill here.

One last thing I have to mention about this episode is something I don't see a lot of people talk about. Paul says "But also, when you come home next month, and uh, hopefully you're feeling a little more enthusiastic about that now, we can investigate this together". That line appears in the final scene of the OST where Belle says the exact same thing. When I put that quote on my art last year I had a few comments that didn't even realize the significance of that. I might talk more about that later.

I'll be back tomorrow. The significant location of episode 3 should be obvious, thought I'm not sure anyone will be able to guess what thing from it I'm making. I wouldn't call it obvious, it's just that there aren't many other options.