Petscop 3

Care is missing.

Paul spends pretty much this whole episode in the child library. I'd say this is the beginning of Paul obsessing over the game. He goes through random faces in the child library, having to wait 10 minutes each time he does a new one. He realizes half and hour in that Care and Mike's faces have been shown before and uses them.

Daniel's monologue in the Care room is still so freaky to me. It really feels like he lost it. I still don't really get his threat to shoot Care, with most of his aggression aimed at Marvin. The "you're in the bathtub thinking about her" line does make sense though, and it makes another line some episodes later make a lot more sense, combined with the song bathroom-tomb in the OST. I'll talk about that when we get to that episode.

I liked the end where Paul goes to show us the other doorway, anticipating some other big secret behind it, only to find it's just the void. "Or not."