Petscop 5

Turn off playstation.

Tool got a little freaky. I'm pretty sure it was Belle talking through it, since she's the one that writes with Nifty. This is another one of those times Paul is just completely bewildered by the game.

I liked what I did last year for the art of this episode so I thought I'd do the power symbol thing again. While I'm here, here's a version of last year's Petscop 5 drawing without the text everywhere. Still proud of how it looks.

One of the things that the community would obsess over was the question of what Tool actually was. Was it an actual kind of tool? What tool? What was the significance? Why were there drawings of it? I don't think Tool was any actaul tool. I think it was just Tool. You see small ones on some desks and everything. I don't entirely understand what it is, but I don't think it's meant to crudely depict another real tool. It's an object that looks like that.