Petscop 6


Paul talking about sifting through the footage was great. Really shows how this is all getting to him.

Toneth's description is just so disturbing. It starts off normal, dev notes for an unfinished character, and then Rainer just loses it. Paul's reaction is great as always.

Paul asks Marvin's questions to Tool and actually gets answers. The "You can't go back in time" answer when asked where the school is is confusing. My assumption is that since the school building was abandoned, it was eventually demolished after Care escaped. The game was made for Marvin, at least this extension of it was, so that's why Tool answers. Where is Marvin? How did Paul get the game? It's weird. I'll think about that as I keep going.

For the blades (if that's what they're called) of the windmill I just opened MS paint and made some simple pixel art. I made it transparent and imported it as a plane, adjusted a few settings, and duplicated it. I was considering modeling it entirely but I wanted to finish up. This is the first, and probably only, GIF where it isn't rotating completely. It was too distracting that way, and there wasn't any other detail to show off at another angle.

Paul is slowly losing control of the channel. We'll see more of that later.