Petscop 7

Maybe that's just something that it puts in any room.

Paul has completely lost control over the channel. We get the first of the Caskets and the ominous message that a group has to censor a few things. I remember a lot of speculation on what they would be censoring based on the brief descriptions of them in this episode.

Through process of elimination, knowing what caskets are where, we know that this object has to be the vase. What about the vase scares Paul? It seems to make him deeply uncomfortable, like it's something personal to him. There's a theory that Paul is actually Care, since they were around the same age, and that the room Paul enters with the vase is his room. That's why the room is Care with Mike's eyebrows. If that theory is true, then seeing that vase probably reminded him of how awful being Care was. That's all speculation. Maybe the reflection of the vase is still visible and there's just a creepy face, or something.

The fact that the group that now controls the channel knows what they will censor ahead of time means that either every video was recorded around the same time in 2017 and released far later, or that the group somehow knows of the caskets and that they appear. Either one is a bit scary to think about. If it's the former, then Paul's descent into obsessing over the game happens much faster than we see. After all this is, I'm pretty sure, the first episode where we can actually hear Paul going through sheets of paper. If it's the latter, then the group knows a lot more about the game than they let on.

We also get the first instance of Stravinsky's Septet here in the Quitter's Room. It really feels like Belle is watching. The COME HERE on the sign written in Nifty handwriting along with the pink Tool messages.

That's all for tonight.