Petscop 8

This is Marvin, right? This is Marvin. I think you're confused, Marvin.

Paul talks on the phone again at the end of this one. It's probably with Belle, who clearly knows that Marvin was walking into the Casket hallway. The hallway isn't there anymore. Maybe this is why the family running the channel knows what to censor in the future, because Belle (or someone else if I'm wrong) knows of the hallway. The problem with that is that the casket depicting Care isn't a big present with a sticker on it, it's released from it. Maybe Belle or someone else in the family has just played the game enough. Maybe it was Paul's mom.

Who IS Paul's mom? Is it Jill? Paul calls her by her first name at some point, doesn't he? If it's Anna then that could support the Paul=Care theory, but wouldn't that make Marvin Paul's dad? Did Anna divorce and remarry? The note she leaves in the house suggests she doesn't trust Marvin. It's weird. Paul's relation to the family is weird. Paul is at least implied to be a Leskowitz, which is the same last name as Lina. Lina vanished in the windmill, and Marvin believed she was in some way reincarnated as Care. Lina was Anna's sister, and Care was Anna's daughter. Lina and Anna could have some unknown sibling who ends up as Paul's father or mother, or Paul's mom is actually Anna and he took her old last name. It's confusing.

We know that Paul's mom had the game in 2004, while Marvin had it at some time in the late 90s. We see a lot of the game being directed at Marvin and Belle, but nobody who could possibly be Paul's mom is ever directly spoken to by the game. If Paul's mom is related to or is Anna, then her having the game is plausible because Marvin had it originally. Maybe the game was left in an attic somewhere.

The Petscop family tree is something that still confuses me. There are the solid parts, but something about Paul manages to make it all fuzzy. There's also Belle, who I've always believed to be an adopted sibling or cousin. Belle is the person Paul talks to directly, as the Tiara character says to Paul what Paul said to Belle. Belle is implied to be adopted when Paul offhandedly mentions that she isn't family, but quickly corrects himself as if he's embarrassed.

Back to Marvin. I thought this was a good episode to model him, since it's his first appearance. I decided to model the actual head model hidden in many Petscop loading screens, which the sprite is sourced and compressed from. It's really awkward when you actually try to sculpt it. The area around the nose depresses inward, the side profile is ridiculous, the eyebrows actually have part of the green head coming out to bridge to them... It makes sense though, since as a sprite you only see it from the one odd angle. I love the sprite, it's weird yet recognizable. I'd recognize that mess anywhere.