Petscop 9

It might have only taken up 12 seconds of the episode, but that's a pretty awesome 12 seconds.

I remember before we knew what the caskets were, everyone was guessing what was in the center of the flashing prism. A body? Text? Something NSFW? We could only guess until episode 20.

I'm a big fan of this thing. I've drawn it a few times before, there's something about this red distorted and creepy face that I really like. I wish I could somehow get full accuracy to the one Tony put on twitter, but it's hard to get close.

Paul finds out how to turn his player completely black, and also finds the windmill, Lina, key, Odd Care, and catches Care NLM. He drops her off at the child library and immediately goes to retrieve her. What's the purpose of the deposit box at the library, anyway?

We also get the first instance of the DEMO text flashing at the top. It's simple this time, so simple that people wondered what it was for. Most of the confusion over the DEMOs came from when Paul began speaking over them. In the end it was revealed he only had audio from his recordings, but could put the game's recordings over them. That's how he notices the differences between the DEMO worlds and the real ones.

The base for this one actually has a normal map this time. I thought it would be cool to mess around with that, I have the normal image texture (the same one Tony used) going into the base color, but I have a duplicate with the texture interpolation set to "smart". By default Blender smooths out low resolution images, which you can stop by setting the interpolation to "closest". So by having a duplicate of the image but smoothed out, I can isolate the space in between the bricks and turn that into bump data, which gives the material some depth while keeping the bricks nice and pixelated. This is so far the only base with a normal map (or any material that isn't just an image texture), hopefully I get the chance to do that a bit more.

The models for tomorrow and the day after are pretty simple. At most I'll be focused on the materials and not the actual models. Row 2 is finished tomorrow... See you then!