Petscop 11

This episode is appropriately full of good moments, given its length. I like how Paul says that the game must be tied to him in some way through Belle, and later on first talks about Care and not knowing her. He's deep in it now, the whole beginning where he brings up the Tool menu and then the tire (I wonder why it's a tire?) is really confusing and impressive to watch. Then he just knows how to use P2 to Talk and the needles.

Of course, this episode is another with some amazing dialogue. "The key still works. It still works" is a really creepy one. Anna didn't change the locks when Marvin left, and we watch as he kidnaps Care. Rainer's messages in the pause menu and Care A's description are so uneasy, the repeating sound effect of the A/C falling makes it almost overwhelming. Rainer keeps going with his belief that a traumatized kid can't be fixed, explaining it through his game with Care A, B, and NLM.

The School also first appears in this one, I love the whole atmosphere. It's all hazy, the music feels like that too. It's desolate.

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