Petscop 12

This one is about Belle! I remember it really taking everyone by surprise. Rainer's talking to her a little bit, it's more of the usual strange messages. The quote "When the messages run out, I'll be out of your hair forever and ever." is more painful, knowing that he's dead. He tells her that she's been running the game for 17 years, which is impressive. Maybe the game was just left running in one of the playtesting rooms? Rainer also talks really confusingly about Belle, the machine, and himself. I still don't completely get this one, but right now I think it's just Rainer being unreliable. He's acting like Belle doesn't have a body anymore. It's also cool to see the machine mentioned again, the few messages about it really make it more tense when we see it.

Petscop 12 is also one of the points where the description changed. I still really like the distinction between the game's demo recordings and actual video recordings of the game itself, hinting at what the DEMO occasionaly on screen is. There's also the really threatening feeling with this part near the end:
"He later passed ownership of the channel to us, but continued to record himself at our strong suggestion. Though he had issues with the arrangement, these have finally been settled."
Paul having to be in the Ghost Room and being constantly listened in on really shows how crazy his family is. I haven't thought much about what might happen after the events of the series, I hope he got out of there.

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