Petscop 15

I wonder why the GiRL picture was actually in the game. Maybe just a test pre-rendered image?

Nifty is a cool debug tool. The way it's been used before this episode really makes finding it feel different from that, though it's not the most useful information in the world. It'll be back before this is all over.

Not much to say again tonight, I'm finally almost done with school for the year. Tomorrow's my last day, and for the future people/me reading this: Tomorrow is December 16th, 2021. Big deal! Security Breach has me excited, and before that I'll be watching the new Spider-Man at 8PM EST. I know almost nothing about the rest of the MCU, I just like Spider-Man. My siblings can fill in the rest for me. Meanwhile, SB releases at 9PM, so I'll download that remotely and come home to all 80GB hopefully downloaded. The time between me getting home and leaving for the movie is when I'll be writing my entry for Petscop 16. This is going to be a very, very long 24 hours. I can see all of tomorrow until that ahead of me, and I'm dying to get to the good part. Getting to sleep makes that faster, right?

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