Petscop 16

I thought I had talked about this last year, but apparently not. I remember the morning this episode came out (that or the morning after, I don't remember what time this one dropped) and I was losing it before school. Barely anything even happens, but it was just so exciting. I was wondering if Paul was dead... I had the video playing on my TV while getting ready to leave the house. The loud buzzing really got me.

My big speech on this episode has basically already been made before, but here it is again: Ever since Paul's family assumed control of the channel, he's been playing the game on their terms. He's in one of the testing rooms at the old Garalina offices, each fitted with the same furniture and everything. There are microphones everywhere constantly recording audio to be combined with his recorded inputs if anything happens off camera. The testing rooms are also called "Ghost Rooms", or at least Paul's is, and an odd message in the game compares it to a ship in a bottle. Last year I said "maybe it's because you can't take the ship out of the bottle", and if I was writing it today I wouldn't have left the "maybe" in. Paul feels trapped, though it's apparent that he's not literally locked in the room 24/7.

I previously wondered if all of these videos were recorded within a much shorter time span than they were released in, but I don't think so anymore. I think Paul is actually in the Ghost Room for most of this time. Paul talks about the conversation he had being in 2017, implying that it's later. Near the end of the series there will be a locker with a code forming the date the video was posted.

Today is also a very big day, as I mentioned last time! The moment I type this sentence, it's 5:53 PM. This probably goes up a bit after (Update: Page saved and live at 6:20). See you tomorrow! I'll go back to just talking about Petscop and tangentially related things.

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