Petscop 20

Petscop's 6th generation doesn't have that joke about the player character not having hands. That got me thinking about how the darker parts of Petscop are still there despite that, there's a point after this where Rainer (or someone else?) went back to the Gift Plane to add a joke in and change whatever else. This generation also doesn't have an option to quit the game. Of course, more things change in the time after this since there are 15 generations of Petscop. I thought it would all be updates to the Newmaker plane, but that joke clearly got added after a fair amount of it was established.

Rainer's messing with Marvin in this one. I mentioned it earlier in one of these but I still find it strange that Rainer thought anybody would go so far into what he left behind. In all fairness to Rainer, Marvin is right here playing it in a video that has nearly half a million views.

Marvin was pretty still while reading the descriptions of the Caskets until they started quoting him, he starts moving like he's offended. After so much time of things being censored here and there, it's cool to get big hints at what they are. I didn't actually mention this last time, but when the game shows Casket 1 up close, I'm very sure you can see Care's reflection. It's the Care model Tony posted on twitter again. It's easy to tell which one Casket 2 was, while 3 and 4 are the strangest ones to me. 3 is stencils on the walls of Marvin's room, relating to Care NLM. 4 is just words on a chalkboard, I've got nothing there.

The recursing pause menu at the end of this one really got me back in 2019.

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