Petscop 22

Another good and long one! Paul's being spied on in this one, and also brings up the car. I'm very sure he's lying and just doesn't want anyone to know that he was trying to avoid being in the room. Paul is looking at where Tool says the windmill was, and then he and Belle talk about a sattelite image. I was wondering if the stone had any significance, maybe as a grave, but I'm not convinced that Lina is actually dead.

I'm not sure what Belle was trying to point Paul at, but Paul not knowing either was odd. I think he probably knew she was trying to bring attention to something to the right, but he couldn't figure out what.

The counselor speaks in the same painful abundance of optimism that I got from Anna earlier. People like that weird me out. They do a lot of talking, they minimize and push an issue out of the way immediately without actually working on it. If you try to combat it with substance they'll find you stubborn. Eventually, you feel that you disagree wholeheartedly but also do not want to bother arguing, you feel exhausted enough already. I might be projecting but this is my Petscop writeup and I do what I want. On the topic of the counselor, "Everything you see will become real. Everything you say will become the truth" is a great line. That last part from them, and the whole game of Graverobber, contribute to Petscop's themes of perception nicely. I also have to wonder about the wording with "I hope you can find your real house", "house" instead of "home".

Paul walks into the school basement at the end, the camera slowly panning over in small intervals is very foreboding.

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