Petscop 24

Don't go, I have so many questions! ...That's really on me though.

I always get some kind of feeling from this one. It's quiet for the first half aside from the minimal BGM, there's not much on screen to think about, so I just think about how that's it for the most part. Then Anna's message makes me think about the black box, and Jill. Or Lina, I'm still actually not certain of who she's talking about. Lina seems less likely since she's allegedly dead, meanwhile Anna says "other Auntie" as if there's no question about who she means.

Just last night I was reading about the wording of "black box" being a recurring thing. It's really interesting, definitely intentional, and I'm still not sure what it means. I wonder if Marvin's house being painted black also has any relation to it. I don't think I've had the brainpower for this kind of thing lately? As I said earlier, I see these things so many times that they become normal enough and I stop asking questions. Now that I've been doing that I haven't been able to fill in answers. I shouldn't expect myself to, if all I ever did with Petscop was try to understand every single thing going on here, I don't think I'd have as much fun. I love what's scary about it all, what's going on with Paul and everyone who's ever been involved.

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