Petscop Soundtrack

And it ends peacefully! I don't have much new to say on the soundtrack (I still love it) or the scene at the end (oh, the feels).

I was reading what I wrote last year and I was surprised that as recently as December 2020 I still considered Petscop as a game being paranormal/having AI/absorbing people into it in any way/etc really making sense. Petscop's whole thing to me is that its "ghosts" are all figurative. I love that about it. I've been struggling to say much lately in these, I really don't feel like I know as much as someone writing something like this should. It's been a bit of a pain, really. In the end I still think it was worth doing. It's good to have something better if you're going to have outdated writing lying around, and I never want to take any of these things down.

On the other hand, me trying to futureproof this against having to correct my past self in the future led to me trying not to ask questions I can't answer. That's pretty dumb. Even if I can't understand something, it's at least left for you to think about (and possibly think "how does this guy not know Lina's deal!?"). I have no clue what's going on with Lina, if she's dead or not, if she's actually playing the game or has a presence in it, or anything like that. That, I would like to understand. It contributes to her mysterious character, but I feel like I'm missing something. Meanwhile, I can be content not knowing what Tool actually is meant to resemble visually.

Petscop is a lot. There's this awe and horror to it that keeps me coming back. It's a good story, it's amazingly presented, and nobody could pull something like it off again. It's been years and I'm still not over it, somehow? I almost wish there was more, but it's best left as it is.

I think I'll say the same to this part of the site, now.

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