Petscop 3

This one's got some great words from Rainer in it. I love the messages he leaves, all of them are so offputting. That also reminds me of the first actual corrections on something I said last year for me to actually say! First, I get his threat to shoot Care. It's already been pretty well explained by other people, and it's no revelation really. It needs a bit of context from a later episode where he talks about how an injured dog is never really happy again. He feels the same way about children, and while writing this he thought that Care would be better off dead.

Also not an original thought, but I also hadn't personally considered that Petscop showing a room with the tweezers on the table, and then showing another room where you hear talking about Care not growing eyebrows, was probably intentional. You can't (...I don't think you can?) argue that Care's lack of eyebrows is natural, since Care is actually Paul who has them. It fits into Marvin's believing that Care is Lina reincarnated as well. He's plucking her eyebrows to make the resemblance closer.

Anyway, I really like the Child Library. The rumbling as the game flips between a ton of rooms is really cool, combined with the darkness flashing in the doorway it's like there's a million rooms just off screen. The main room, and all the bedrooms, are all as creepy and empty feeling as everything else.

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