Petscop 5

This episode is really creepy. I love how the Tool has this sudden, unnatural glow to it.

Sometimes when you watch or play something over and over again for a few years, you can start accepting and giving little thought to details that you couldn't be bothered with early on. I haven't given much thought to how this video sets itself up to be pretty typical, just Paul telling us what he's found and what hasn't worked so far. The surprise of the Pink Tool is really well done thanks to that, as well as it changing so suddenly. Even the current answer immediately disappears.

The description of this episode also lets anyone who hasn't figured it out yet in on the fact that these videos weren't being made for us. Paul writes "Hello folks. I guess this is for all of you, now". Before this, you'd just have to pay attention to him in the previous episodes talking as if only one specific person would be seeing the videos.

What I especially like about this episode is the "TURN OFF PLAYSTATION" line. It's not just creepy that the game is asking him to turn it off, it's that Paul already established that he's been leaving it on this entire time. The threat of Marvin beating the speaker while the system is on makes it worse, even though it doesn't make any immediate sense. That writing is coming from somebody, somehow.

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