Petscop 6

This episode just gets right to it. The camera turning around is really cool, Marvin's whole introduction is so creepy.

There's some more good moments from Paul in this one. Other than the classic lines about going through hours of windmill footage, I like the detail that Paul has seen the camera at a lower height before, while the viewer hasn't. It adds to the feeling throughout the whole series that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Then there's him reading Toneth's description in stunned silence until the text wrapping breaks. I love how Toneth's description is written, the tone is amazingly messsed up.

"It's very interesting, this game, because you can walk around and something will just happen" really sums it all up, I guess. Everything in this game is deliberate, and so is how it doesn't work consistently on a new file. Everything I can't personally explain still has a reason for existing, and sometimes that's enough for me. I wonder how much Marvin actually got to playing the game and seeing what was left for him. Rainer put so much into Petscop, how was he sure anything would even come of it? I guess it didn't matter to him, since part of the game is also a suicide note.

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