Petscop 7

That "COME HERE" is so menacing, so is the Pink Tool as usual. The eerie time between it being asked something and it giving an answer get cut down in editing, though. You can see a cut at 3:19. It makes sense practically, since these answers are being slowly written line by line with a PS1 controller. The Pink Tool also makes the first reference to the weird rebirthing engine from the end of the series here, which is cool.

This video has the results of Paul's family having control over the channel (though the fact that we're seeing any of these means we already have, I guess). This also means he's in the ghost room already, since Petscop 5. The first of the censored Caskets appears and is censored. It's the first part of Petscop's biggest plot point that wasn't nearly as acknowledged back when I was in the fandom as it thankfully is now. Paul is Care. Paul comments that they look similar, that he hasn't seen her, they would be the same age, and here we see a room in the Child Library for Paul. It's Care's face with eyebrows, which we know she actually had and that Marvin was removing them. The "Care" room is for a face that was never really someone's face. An interesting thing to think about is that Rainer probably knew that the one lacking eyebrows wasn't real, and that's why both of them are in the game. I'm annoyed that in 2020 I wrote this as if it was only a possibility because now when I watch the series I can't think of another sensible explanation. It's literally the "you've never seen Bruce Wayne and Batman in the same room before" bit. Paul's connection to all of this is so important. That's why he reacts to the vase like that.

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