Petscop 8

The introduction of Marvin is weird and a bit funny. I like how Paul drops what he was doing (playing in artificial traffic didn't seem important, though) and runs after him. His icon is still such a weird mess, I can't completely make out how the model hidden in some of those loading screens became that. Paul lets his guard down when he sees Marvin's recording running into a wall, so it's funny when that recording then ascends into the ceiling. Paul calls Jill about it, I wonder who was doing the voice in this part? It might not even have been original audio, it's so inaudible that Tony could have just took some speech out of a show or something. She's telling him about the Casket hall, Paul brings up his mom having the game in 2004. We know, with hindsight, that Anna is somewhat involved with Garalina. Paul knows she could have altered the game at that time. This makes me wonder why Paul questions the game altering to include his own conversations later on. Petscop can be edited somehow, he's already witnessed and acknowledged that.

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