Petscop 9

The censored prism in this episode is some of my favorite imagery in Petscop, and leads to my favorite Petscop imagery outside Petscop! I'm certain that face is what was on the prism, we see all those minimal versions of the censored objects later in the series. I think it's a match. I love how it looks.

This episode had so many good moments, one after the other. This feels like where Petscop got real, stopped being a simple "here's a scary game I found" and became more. The windmill is so unnerving, and I love the text in Lina's room. Rainer is such an odd narrator. He genuinely believes the windmill dissappeared, and he believes that Care is the reincarnated Lina. Paul's reactions to all of these things are also great as always.

Paul reading the description for Care NLM as the game tells him about helping her, and then putting her in the library just to see how it works and take her back is a bit sad. I guess there's not much you can actually do with a pet you have anyway, but it felt wrong to me. She isn't lost, though.

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