Petscop 17

Earlier I talked about how I liked Explore-min and how Explore was my favorite song, and this is the video that it's in! That's really it for the song, though... The scene it plays in is also one of my favorites. I've seen people claim that the pyramid head stands in for any recording being played back in Room Impulse, but I still think it's Paul's avatar. It makes the shot of so many recordings in the house over time into a visualization of how much Paul has been playing.

Rainer writes a lot for Care to see in this one, I wonder if any of it worked at the time. I also don't get what his point was when he showed her Lina's grave in the game. When Care slowly asks "What happened to her?" and then the grave, also slowly, rises from the ground... It's really eerie.

This episode has got to be one of my favorites. It's got a bit of everything, except for Paul.

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