Petscop 23

This video goes so hard and I'm starting to run out of things to say that I haven't already. I definitely ran out of original things to say a bit ago. Paul giving his location in the Ghost Room to Marvin, and then the game sitting idle for more than an entire minute, was so unnerving. I don't have any specific theories or headcanons on what happened after this for Paul and Marvin to both still be playing the game afterwards. I just assume Paul followed the advice Belle wrote on one of the room pictures telling him to push his bed against a hidden door.

The locker number is the exact date that this video was uploaded, which is what makes me think Paul really was in the Ghost Room this entire time and that these recordings weren't held back to be released by the Family far later.

Care B's description is brief, talking about how Rainer was the one to rescue Care from the school and how he did so thanklessly. Seemingly cut off by the Family, maybe even blamed for the kidnapping, he went and dug up a relative's grave to have a picture of her. I don't know how I didn't think of that a year ago.

Then there's the big scene I love so much, the Machine. Everything is so red. I still don't really know what Marvin's goal here was, I just know that Paul acted in defiance and that it was awesome. The last 4 notes Paul plays have the sound of a choir behind them, combined with the whole thing turning red when he diverted to playing his own melody, made it really feel like what he was doing had some kind of impact. Then he just takes the Machine's broken output and locks it away. That red and yellow egg reminds me of red being used to represent Paul, and the egg already in the locker reminds me of Belle's pink/purple. It makes sense that the egg that was already there was for her, since Rainer talked about the machine failing previously.

The Newmaker Plane isn't dark anymore. Looking back, this really does feel like an end (though we have one more short video and a small bit at the end of the OST). I just wasn't ready to accept that back in 2019, but the signs were all there.

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