Petscop 2

Hi again! I have a cold. I will now never speak of it again until I feel better.

One thing that strikes me in this episode is how in the part where Paul is picking the petals off of the flower, he's barely thinking. The whole time I watched I was wondering how long he would go with no regard for any damage he might be doing. He realizes late in that he should stop, checks the rest of the area, and sees what it does. I think this is a critical moment for him, realizing how delicate the game is. He already said last time that he's not turning off his Playstation to avoid any risk of losing his progress. He's really forming his approach to everything now. It's fun to watch, at first.

The Newmaker Plane is really cool. The atmosphere, the weird structures and places... The shed with Care NLM in its basement and the graveyard outside are just creepy. The eyes on the grave always looked unsettling to me, though Lina's was creepier. The Quitter's Room is creepy too. The main field on the surface makes it feel like we'll never really see everything. Paul sees so much just by random chance in this series. I'm surprised Paul never turns to dumping the game and looking at all the assets or anything. I guess his family intervened before he got to that point.

I think that's all, at least I can't think of anything I haven't said last year. There's talking about Paul needing Belle's help, which in 2020 I saved for the end instead of touching on immediately in my second entry.

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